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Styles of Dance Offered at SODANCE!

Creative Ballet/Tiny Tots & Kinderdance

Ages 18 months - 5 years

A fun introduction to the world of dance focusing on creative movement, classroom environment and rhythm. In this program your child will learn the introductions to many dance forms - including ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap and contemporary 

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Ages 3+. This type of dance is very fun and energetic. It is typically paired with upbeat music such as hip-hop, pop music or show tunes to add a theatrical flare. Jazz dancers often have more freedom to express their own individual personality through their dance performances. These dances usually have quick footsteps, lots of leaps and turns and unique movements. 


Ages 3+. This type of dance is very fun and energetic. Tap dancers wear special shoes with metal taps on the soles that allows them to create their own rhythmical patterns and sounds while they are dancing. Although a majority of the focus in this dance is on the feet, tap dancers use their upper bodies and arms to showcase cohesive choreography.

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Ages 5+. Ballet is often referred to as the backbone of dance. The fundamentals used in ballet are often used throughout all other styles of dance as well. There are three main classifications: classical ballet, neoclassical ballet and contemporary ballet. Ballet depends severely on technique and commands a massive amount of diligence, discipline and dedication to succeed. Ballet is typically danced to classical music and is done wearing slippers or pointe shoes. 


Ages 5+. This style of dance incorporates lyrical, modern, ballet and jazz. Contemporary dance is all about connecting the mind and the body through dance movements. It is typically done in half-sole shoes and there is heavy emphasis on strong controlled legwork. This style often allows the dancer creative freedom, and can be danced to a variety of different music

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Ages 5+. Lyrical jazz uses the same techniques as developed in Jazz but with an emphasis on connecting with the lyrics of the music. Generally performed to slower music. 

Hip Hop

Ages 3+. Hip-hop is a style of dance that evolved from hip-hop culture and is typically danced to hip hop music. Breakdancing is the most well known type of hip hop dance, but other styles include krumping, popping, locking, house and old school. This style of dance is probably the most different from the other forms. It is generally very energetic and allows the dancer to have freedom of movement within the routine and incorporate their personalities 

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Ages 8+. Modern dance is a free, expressive style of dancing started in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. In recent years it has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and film. 

Theatre Dance

Ages 5+ Also known, as Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The plot and expressive material of a musical - humour, pathos, love, anger - are displayed through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the choreography as a whole.

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